Monday, February 13, 2006

Featured Member Articles for the Yardley News


The article featuring Member Michael Brady, authored by Anne Gannon, just appeared in the February 9th edition of the Yardley News.

Here's the Featured Member publication schedule going forward:

MARCH: Featuring Fran Lyenberger by Renee Egan
APRIL: Featuring Stephen Millner by Sally Baldino
MAY: Featuring Evelyn Faherty by Marie Finn
JUNE: Featuring John Vollaro by Anne Gannon
JULY: Featuring Ingeborg Snipes by Cynthia Groya
AUGUST: Featuring Stephen Lober by Eileen Borger

Please send comments and suggestions to Hank at

The Community Arts Committee is looking for more authors. If you would like to write, again please contact Hank. Authors select the individual for their articles.