Friday, April 07, 2006

Dispaly Your Art - Update

Here's where member's art is currently on display:

1. Yardley Medical Center:
Eileen Borger

2. Dreyfus Optician:
Marie Finn

3. Yardley News:
Anne Gannon
John Vollaro

4. Yardley Jeweler’s
Fran Leyenberger

5. Wachovia (South Main Street):
Judy Kaufman

6. Weidel:
Hank Miiller

7. Yardley Inn:
Jo-ann Osnoe

8. Kwasny, Reilly and Michaels:
Hank Miiller

Here's a list of businesses who are looking for members' art to display:

Yardley Travel - in particular, travel destination related art
Fell & Moon
Black-Eyed Susan
Yardley Medical

Your art will be in one location for about 3 months. Then the Community Arts Committee will rotate in a new AOY member. We are looking to line up members in existing locations as well as in the 5 businesses listed just above. Also, where do you want your art displayed next?

Tell the Committee what you want.
Email Hank at: --- or better yet call Hank ASAP at 215-208-8712