Friday, January 09, 2009

AOY 2009 Election

The AOY Election Committee, Nancy Allen, Oz Freedgood, and Lou Caccamo, did an outstanding job creating a process that brought in almost sixty votes.

Just before Steve Millner stepped down as president of AOY and a new president was announced, a special 'Thank You' letter was read in recognition of Steve's services as first president of the organization. The letter, read by Bill Hogan, spoke about the early days, four years ago, when a small group of artists came together with dreams and plans to become something that did not exist.... an art center in Yardley. Bill said, "During that time, we grew from a dozen members to 95 members. AOY created a website, and a newsletter - and hosted annual shows at "The Delaware River Gallery" in Yardley, "Kathleen's Gallery" in Newtown, "The Riverrun Gallery" in Lambertville and at the "Bucks County Visitors Center" in Bensalem. Thousands of people have come to see the Artists of Yardley exhibits and have shared in the celebration of each 'Opening'. Under Steve Millner's "watch", all of the above and much more happened with the help and interest of many AOY members."
At the February meeting, Steve will be presented with a commissioned plaque made by AOY member and artist, Fran Leyenberger.

for your dedication and hard work ~

Stephen Millner...(President 2005 through 2008),
Mike McCallister... (Vice President 2008)
Marie Kane
... (Secretary 2006 through 2008)
Nancy Allen... (Founding Member and Board Member 2005 through 2008)
Diane Greenberg... (Treasurer 2006 through 2008)
Kathy Metaxas... (Board Member 2006 through 2008)

AOY 2009 Election Results...
Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Executive Board:

- Rose Marie Strippoli

Vice President - Behrooz Salimnejad

Secretary - Heather Davulcu

Treasurer - Maggy Robinson

Board Members

Colleen Attara (1st term)

Oz Freedgood

Anne Gannon

Bill Hogan

Jo-Ann Osnoe (1st term)