Friday, January 27, 2006


From Anne Gannon:

Hello Everyone ~

Renee Egan is preparing to get Decorator's involved with the AOY.
Black-Eyed Susan, a store and Interior Design Service owned and operated by Susan Taylor in Yardley Borough, has agreed to include the art of our AOY members as part of the portfolio she presents to potential customers.

If you would like to participate in this venture please provide the following ASAP.

1. Three or Four pages of your work - similar to the page you submitted for the Community Arts Portfolio.....with something extra.
2. The Extra: A page that shows you working, or the work in progress; action visual.
3. An easy to read Bio. One that invites the reader to read. Direct, but thorough.

We need all Artist's Pages ready for presentation by the end of February. Please bring what you can to the next AOY meeting.

This is a wonderful opportunity and Renee has generously offered to be the Mediator between Black-Eyed-Susan and the AOY.

Anne Gannon and/or Renee Egan,
if you have any questions.

Thanks! ~ Anne