Tuesday, October 31, 2006

AOY Meeting–Wednesday November 1st

Greetings Members:

The November AOY meeting will be at Elm Lowne at 7:00. Starting in December, the meetings will be at the Yardley-Makefield branch of the Bucks County Free Library.

In accordance with the AOY by-laws, we will be nominating AOY officers and board members at the November meeting, and voting for officers and board members at the December meeting. Our current Officers and board members are:

President - Stephen Millner
Vice-President - Hank Miiller
Secretary - Marie Kane
Treasurer - Diane Greenberg
At-large board member - John Ennis
At-large board member - Nancy Allen
At-large board member - Kathy Metaxas

At the November meeting, we will vote on an amendment to the by-laws to increase the number of at-large board members to five. If this amendment passes, we will also need to have nominations for the two new seats.

All officers and board members serve for a term of one year, and may be elected to multiple terms (no term limits at AOY).

Reminder: The AOY group show at the Bucks County Visitors Center is coming together next weekend. It's not too late to participate. For details email Steven Lorber at jlorberco@worldnet.att.net. There will also be information at the meeting this week.

Stephen Millner
President, Artists of Yardley