Monday, May 25, 2009

And the Questions Are Enough:
AOY Members Publish Poetry Book

AOY members Stephen Millner and Marie Kane have produced and published an anthology of poetry that showcases the work of thirty-six poets from Dr. Christopher Bursk’s Master Poetry Class at Bucks County Community College. The poems, which were composed in Bursk’s class, are enhanced by twenty-four of Stephen Millner’s photographs.

In her review of the book, poet Lynn Levin comments that And the Questions Are Enough contains poems of “tenderness and fury, poems eloquent and plain spoken, poems that present both vignettes of daily life and profound inquiries into the human condition.” She goes on to say that Stephen Millner’s photographs are “shots that capture the world in eerie and lovely moments.”

Net proceeds from the sale of this book ($7.00) go to the Beverly Stoughton Foundation, which funds a scholarship for a female Bucks County Community College student with a commitment to poetry.

For more information, contact Marie Kane at