Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Colleen Attara ~ “Window Art” & Makefield Students

Before the school year ended and Summer began...

AOY member
, Colleen Attara, worked with the 5th grade class

at Makefield Elementary creating recycled, 3-D art.

Using scrap Plexiglas and old storm windows they made...

"Flower Window" pictured below:

Colleen, who also works in the publicity department for BUCKS Life magazine told me this:

"Basically, it was my art but their vision. My work is very colorful and 3-D, but the vision these children had... topped my wildest color creations. We started in May after there was an assembly on my work and each student designed and painted a flower cut from scrap Plexiglas donated from Future Signs in Trenton. Makefield's art teacher, Gretchen Stout, worked with each child in class. She wanted the children to know there are living, working artists among them in the community. Each student painted a Plexiglas flower (like reverse glass painting) on both sides giving it dimension. The children each designed a vase and then I picked six of them to copy on the actual pieces. All the pieces were brought back to me and assembled using wire for stems and made to look as if they were coming out of the vases. These pieces will hang prominently in Makefield Elementary in their newly designed school as a gift from the 5th grade class of 2009 and me."

Makefield Elementary 5th Grade students in front of their "Window Art" and a "Vase" thank you card they made for Colleen.